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2024 Fly Club Symposium

Please join us for the 13th Fly Club Symposium, to be held at UConn Storrs in the Pharmacy/Biology Building on May 29, 2024, with a tentative schedule from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM.   Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Lynn Cooley, C.H.H. Long Professor in Genetics, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Vice Provost for Postdoctoral Affairs, at Yale School of Medicine.


About the UConn Fly Club

The UConn Fly Club was started in 2015 by Dr. Jianjun Sun (PNB) and Dr. Barbara Mellone (MCB) to create a framework for collaboration and community-building at UConn for Drosophila labs. The organization is open to all Drosophila researchers at UConn Storrs and UConn Health, and its membership is free. The Fly Club meets yearly during a symposium typically held in May either at the Storrs or the UConn Health campus in Farmington. The goal of the symposium is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to foster collaboration between fly labs while promoting student growth and development through oral and poster presentations, scientific discussion, and informal interaction. The Fly Club strives to create a community that is welcoming, including and diverse. The symposium organization rotates amongst faculty and includes the contribution of graduate students and postdocs as co-organizers.

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Phone: (860) 486-1899
Address: 67 N. Eagleville Rd.
Unit 3197
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